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Helping you shape your Health and Social Care online training facility.

Highly engaging elearning, immersing you in a world of learning. 

Training experience

This is more than your classic 'text and next' elearning

Beautifully designed, video based, user friendly elearning to stimulate and enhance your knowledge.  Compatible with most devices means that you and your staff can access the elearning modules with ease.  

The user can decide whether to include 'closed caption' which provide translation in over 25 different languages.

Still not convinced?  Why not try it yourself for free...

Learning Management System

Receive free access your Learning Management System to manage and faciltate your staff's learning.

Easy reporting and management system which aprovides 'at a glance' overview of your staff and their progress.

Manage any aspect of your staff members online training with a few simple clicks.

As the administartor you can send staff emails, archive users and enroll them in specific courses.

Support is 'on-hand' - We're here to help every step of the way.   With the majority of support messages resolved in 2 hours.