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Hybrid Teaching

Our Experiences from Concept to Delivery

23rd November 2021 - The Concept is Born

Well who could have antipated the past 18 months and what an impact it had on the training world? 2020 saw us transition our training businesses from face-to-face learning to remote. 2021 saw us develop and refine our approach. And 2022 will see us succeed in delivering truly great training!  Well that's the plan anyway?!? but what mode of delivery will we use to deliver this supposed 'truly great training'.  It's a challenge to second guess the upcoming months, the recent announcement of COVID mutating has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons!

Look up 'the future of training' on your favourite search engine and you'll see a raft of companies and Universities promoting potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  Yes, fast forward 5 or 10 years and this is going to be a fantastic, hopefully affordable, training resource, but whgat about the 5 to 10 months?

A conversation with Louise Hunt from Skills for Care and Freebird associates (another great training provider in Cornwall) suddenly sparked some inspiration!!  Nothing ground breaking i'm afraid, but a relatively new mode of delivery that will offer a combined virtual and face to face teaching environment to those who want face to face and those who see is as too much of a risk - it's called HYBRID TEACHING!

30th November 2021 - A webcam on a shelf